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It all seems perfect when you have the chance to keep different bottles of wine at the right temperature and ready for your guests, events, celebrations or your own comfort times. That is why Wine Cooler Repair Carmichael CA has a perfect service just like your wine cooler to ensure nothing gets in the way of the refrigerated wine cooler’s proper functioning. Whenever you notice something strange from a slight issue to witnessing a broken appliance dial 916-823-3070 and our reliable, well-mannered and above all, experienced experts will be on their way in no time to handle the difficulty.

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Wine Cooler Repair Carmichael CA has dedicated its mission to solve all of its customers’ complaints about their wine coolers. That is why we offer same day service and at the same time, we operate 24/7 to reach to all of our customers whenever they need to.

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Wine Cooler Repair - Troubleshooting - Lubbock, TX
Wine Cooler Repair - Troubleshooting - Lubbock, TX

How to Troubleshoot Your Wine Cooler

Even the best products can have issues every now and again, and this includes wine coolers.

Problems happen, even with all the technological advancements made in recent years. Commercially manufactured products are not perfect, and wine cooling systems may be built with a slight fault or just decide to act up.

There are many troubleshooting ideas and safety tips that the wine cooler owner should keep in mind, just in case their cooler decides to act up.

Wine Cooler Is Not Cooling Properly

There may come a time when, just like refusing to shut on, the owner’s wine cooler will have trouble cooling properly.

  • First and foremost, the owner needs to check that the wine cooler is receiving the correct voltage and electricity volume that it needs to operate correctly.
  • The owner should match these figures precisely to ensure the internal requirements of the cooler’s equipment are being met.
  • Next, the owner needs to make sure that the thermostat is in correct working order. If it is set to a warmer temperature, then the owner will have trouble getting the cooler to the desired temperature.
  • Compressor based wine coolers are the ones that may have the thermostat issues. Thermoelectric-based wine coolers more than likely will not. After the thermostat has been checked, the owner should make sure that the wine cooler is stored where it should be. If the cooler is placed too close to a sunny spot or another appliance that lets off heat, it could impact the level of offered cooling.
  • Also, the owner should keep in mind that heat rises, so it should not be directly above the source of heat. The air will be hotter in the top quadrant and will be cooler in the lowest quadrant.
  • Once the temperature and environment surrounding the cooler have been checked, the owner should check to make sure all the vents on the cooler have a sufficient amount of breathing room, so to speak. If there are less than six inches on the rear of the rear vent models, for example, the cooling on the interior will be impacted and interfered with. And, of course, this goes the same way for the front vent models. This is probably the biggest reason for improper cooling.
  • The last tip that the wine cooler owner should keep in mind is making sure the cooler door is closed and secured properly. If the door is not secured carefully, the cool air from the inside will keep escaping and will, therefore, impact the overall temperature management of the wine cooler negatively. Keeping the door shut as much as possible is key to keeping the interior at its proper temperature. Opening the door too frequently will negatively impact the cooling process. Again, like with the problems with turning on, if none of these tips work, try to call a professional to finish the job.

Wine Cooler Frost Build-up

This is another issue that can cause havoc with the bottles of wine stored in the wine cooler.

This can be a result of two factors: humidity, or extremely low temperatures. If the owner notices any frost build-up in their wine cooler, they should turn the cooler off, unplug it, and continue to remove the frost themselves.

Once all the frost is gone, they can plug the cooler back in and turn it back on. If the owner notices any more frost building up after they have cleaned it out already, they should call the manufacturer and ask for help from a professional.

Wine Cooler Water Leak

A water leak is something no one wants to deal with. And, unlike the wine cooler not turning on or having an issue with frost build-up, water leaks can mean there is a major issue with the cooler.

But, there are still ways to easily troubleshoot this problem.

  • First, check for an air leak. If there is an air leak, this can cause extra condensation to build up within the cooler, which can cause the leak.
  • Since this could have numerous causes, it is best to call the manufacturer and have a professional look at the wine cooler, just in case it is a problem that cannot be fixed easily.

Wine Cooler Interior Lighting Issues

A cool feature of a wine cooler is the interior lighting. Just like a typical refrigerator, when the owner opens their cooler’s door, the light goes on so they can see what is inside. The lights inside are specially made, so that they are not too bright, as too much light can ruin the bottles of wine stored inside.

If your wine cooler’s interior lights won’t turn on, then just like with the actual cooler not turning on, be sure to check all the basics: make sure the unit is plugged in; and check to make sure all power switches are turned on.

And, since the lights are custom made to be placed in a wine cooler, they, of course, are not sold in any typical store. Usually, they are sold online on specific wine cooler or wine cellar websites. This is also something the owner may want to leave to the professionals. The bulbs are not cheap, and not all that easy to install.

Wine Cooler Fog Build-up

Another key feature for a wine cooler is the see-through glass door. As long as the cooler stays out of the sun and excessive lighting, this is a feature the owner can proudly show off.

But, unfortunately, the glass can fog up and build up excessive moisture. And, as annoying as this can be for the owner, it is the sign of a problem.

  • Check the surrounding area. If it feels especially humid, just like with windows, the glass will produce condensation.
  • While the owner cannot fully control the humidity aspect, they can raise the temperature settings. This will offset the humidity from the exterior and, hopefully, stop the glass from fogging.
  • Also, an improper seal in the door will cause condensation to form. Check the gasket and perimeter of the door for any gaps in the seal. Any gaps found can easily be a do-it-yourself seal.
  • A last cause is the constant opening and closing of the door. The owner should try to keep the door shut as often as possible. Not only does it mess up the temperature control inside, but the condensation will build.

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