Refrigeration Repair Service
Refrigeration Repair Service

Walk-in Cooler Repair

Businesses that rely heavily on walk-in freezers may find themselves in serious trouble. 24 Hour Refrigeration is equipped to handle any cooling problem you may have.

For more than 30 years, we have been servicing walk-in coolers around the bay area. We provide walk-in cooler sales, repair, installation, preventive maintenance, and emergency service. We understand how important it can be to reduce downtime and keep your business running smoothly. We are familiar with all makes and models. We have years of experience and training that allows us to quickly diagnose problems. This helps customers get the best technical service possible and help them get back on track as soon as possible.

We are committed to building long-term relationships. This means that we will always provide fair pricing, so you can be sure your money is being used wisely.

We are proud to serve Livermore and all surrounding areas around the entire Bay Area.

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Diagnose Walk-in Cooler Problems

Many cafeterias, convenience stores, and restaurants rely on the ubiquitous freezer or walk-in cooler. These facilities also use a lot of energy, so it is often overlooked until there are problems.

Failure to maintain pressure or compressor failure can lead to costly losses for products kept in the cooler. You can avoid these problems and unnecessarily excessive energy consumption by inspecting equipment and taking corrective actions.

Walk-In Cooler Evaporators

The moisture in the air freezes on the evaporator coils, which are the cooling coils inside the freezer. This forms an insulation barrier for heat transfer. The ice buildup can also cause airflow to decrease. Every evaporator is equipped with a defrost cycle that melts frost/ice which has built up on its coils. The freezer is then drained of any water that has melted. . . ideally.

Evaporators can be found in poor condition. Many evaporator units are not properly maintained. The ice doesn't melt or the water doesn't drain properly, leading to a blockage of the evaporator. The coil freezing reduces heat transfer, which makes the compressor work harder and last longer. Because the suction pressure drops, the compressor works at a higher differential pressure and requires more power. Because heat transfer is less, it works longer. The compressor will stop running if there is too much ice buildup.

The water from the freezer must be drained as the ice melts. This does not always happen. However, trapped water can cause significant structural damage to your freezer. This is especially true for older models where cracks permit water to seep into the freezer and then freeze. You should quickly take action to prevent costly damage from stalagmites and stalactites of ice that may appear in your freezer.

Walk-In Cooler Condensers

The refrigeration system's condenser coil removes heat. Condensers can be found in enclosed spaces, or areas with poor airflow. Temperature around the compressor increases, which results in higher head pressure and thereby increases compressor power.

The condenser must be located in an area that is well-ventilated and where heat can be extracted easily. For cooling air intake and exhaust, spaces enclosed will need openings. A fan is often required to circulate enough air within the space. If condenser heat is not needed, it should be ejected to the outside as soon as possible.

Controls may be installed in cases where the heating system is being used for space heating (e.g., for a dry storage area nearby) to control heating flow.

It is important to inspect the condenser coils for any signs of dirt and grime. Dust and debris can build up on the evaporator coils like ice. This will insulate heat transfer surfaces and decrease airflow. The compressor will run harder and last longer. Compressors can fail in extreme situations.

Walk-In Cooler Refrigerated Space & Shell

The space isn't equipped with any machinery or parts, but it should be inspected. Regular inspection of the cooler's shell should be done to check for any leaks or loose insulation. Excessive moisture can build up in the shell, which could lead to even more serious problems. The cooler's door is also an important component. To prevent air infiltration, doors must be properly sealed. This will reduce the cooling load and allow for moisture buildup. Frost buildup on doors is common when heaters fail. It can cause the door to freeze or not close properly. It is important to take care when placing items in the space. The refrigeration system's performance will be greatly affected if the space is clogged with items or if items placed directly in front of the fans.

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