Sandwich and Salad Prep Table Repair and Service

Maintaining sandwich and salad prep tables efficiently conserves energy and increases their longevity. Call Air Mobile A/C & Heating Refrigeration's Professional Team in Houston for repair or maintenance today!

Prep Table Repair

Refrigerated food prep tables, such as commercial sandwich or salad units, are essential to any restaurant or catering establishment. Not only will these units improve efficiency in your kitchen by providing storage and preparation space for ingredients and components alike, but they're also great for assembly tasks.

Additional ingredients can be stored in refrigerators underneath the table, making it convenient to prepare food quickly by keeping everything at arm's length. Refrigerated cabinets keep food fresh, prevent bacteria growth and protect against food borne illnesses. If your salad prep or sandwich table is having issues, it can cause disruption to your daily operations and pose a challenge for your food service business.

Prep Table Maintenance

Regular maintenance can reduce the likelihood of major repairs, but sometimes they just happen. When this occurs, contact CK Mechanical - a commercial refrigeration company that can take care of any necessary repairs.

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