Common Restaurant Refrigerator Issues

Common restaurant refrigerators such as True, like any other commercial appliance, can malfunction and may need repair. Even the most durable brands such as True may need repair, and so when you face restaurant refrigeration issues, you need to fix the issues fast and efficiently, with the help of a seasoned commercial restaurant refrigeration repair service. You may also fix the problem yourself if it’s very minor. Here are the most common commercial restaurant refrigeration problems you may find, and a few tips on how to determine what’s wrong with your unit.

Restaurant Refrigerator Power Issues

Is your restaurant refrigerator not powering up? First, make sure your unit doesn’t have a power switch that has been switched off. You should check to see if the power cord has been properly plugged in all the way to the outlet, as it may have been knocked out of place. If that still isn’t the option, then check if the wiring for the outlet and ground wires are active. The issue may be the power supply and not the unit. If available, use a voltage detector to make sure the outlet has voltage present.

Remember: Most manufacturers warn users to never use extension cords for their commercial fridges, as the use of the cords will void the warranty!

Temperature Problems with Your Restaurant Refrigerator

Are you experiencing problems with your refrigeration temperature? Is your restaurant refrigerator not cooling? Having your refrigerator keeps food cold enough is a necessary process of the commercial appliance, and thus, you’ll need to address this problem quickly.

First, examine your refrigerator. Is it placed directly up against the wall? Your refrigerator needs to be placed slightly away from the wall to give it room to circulate air properly. Commercial restaurant refrigerators are made to withstand countless opening and closing operations, but sometimes the gasket can get worn down from wear and tear. Your door should close properly and seal completely so the unit can perform proper cooling processes.

Restaurant Refrigerator Temperature Gauge

You may also have a problem where the temperature gauge is offering an incorrect reading or is broken altogether. If this is the case, manufacturers like True have made the temperature gauge easy to replace. Your incorrect temperature read could also be because of a blocked vent. Double-check your temperature by using a thermometer to make sure the thermostat is indeed working.

Restaurant Refrigerator Compressor

The compressor is used to keep your food cool, and if it’s not working, your unit won’t cool properly. True and other companies outline in their respective manuals how often you need to clean the compressor, but it’s typically every 90 days. Dirt, hair, grease, and more may build up in the compressor and keep it from functioning. Verify that the compressor has been cleaned recently, and is working as it should. Is it running hot?

Restaurant Refrigerator Evaporator

Is your restaurant refrigerator freezing up, and has ice collecting throughout the unit? You need to make sure that your evaporator fan is running correctly. You’ll need to first let the ice melt off the evaporator, if ice is present, by turning off your unit. The coils of the evaporator should be clean and you can locate cleaning tips in your model’s manual. Make sure that the drain lines are clear as well. You may notice that only a part of the evaporator coil is freezing up, which could indicate you have a low charge, so the pressures and sub-cooling may need to be checked either by you or a certified technician.

Restaurant Refrigerator Lighting Issues

Sometimes you may have a minor problem, such as the lights aren’t working in your refrigerator. If that’s the case, you need to take a look at the lights themselves. True and other brands use LED lights, but if you need to replace a bulb, make sure it’s verified and approved by your refrigerator’s manufacturer, or else you run the risk of burning out the electrical sockets for the lights. Always read the manual that accompanies your refrigerator to make sure you’re using the proper recommended repair options.

When All Else Fails

If you’ve troubleshot your commercial restaurant refrigerator and can’t pinpoint the exact problem, then you will need to consult a trusted commercial refrigeration repair service.

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