Reach-In Cooler Repair in San Diego, CA

If you have a business or restaurant that requires you to keep your inventory chilled, a reach-in cooler and freezer are critical to your success. When you have issues, you need reach-in cooler repair as quickly as possible so you do not lose any of your products. 24 Hour Refrigeration in San Diego has been providing assistance for a variety of systems, including wine cellar repair, for over 20 years. We are able to offer emergency repair service at all hours so that you can get on with your daily operations without losing money.

Common Reach In Cooler Problems that Require Service

24 Hour Refrigeration provides complete reach-in cooler maintenance for all of your commercial equipment in ALL San Diego areas.

Some common reach-in cooler problems include:

  • Temperature is too high – this can be caused by excessive door opening, product overload, or buildup of frost on the evaporator.
  • Lack of power – this is typically caused by a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, or there may be wiring issues.
  • Motor never shuts off – this may be an indication of a leak.
  • Compressor short cycling – if the motor continuously goes on and off, this is often due to such faulty components as the switches, pressure control, or low Freon charge.
  • Ice buildup – ice can develop on the evaporator or air vent coils, which calls for professional maintenance.
  • Ice collecting in drain pan – this may be caused by a defective heater or a plugged drain line.

Call or email 24 Hour Refrigeration today to create a customized Preventive Maintenance Program for your building.

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