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Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance

  • Prevent downtime and tenant discomfort
  • Prevent energy waste, lower utility bills
  • Extend equipment life
  • Contain repair / replacement costs
  • Priority Emergency Repair Service

It is no secret that Commercial HVAC systems can create costly repair bills but they can also be avoided a good share of the time. Preventative maintenance for your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems saves you money, avoids difficult downtime, extends the life cycle of your equipment, and maintains tenant comfort. With Cooper Oates Air Conditioning, the comfort and efficiency of your building is our only priority.

"Preventive Maintenance Programs Pay for Themselves and Then Some!"

"Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance Saves Your Business Money!"

Your commercial building’s HVAC system is mainly a mechanical system with many moving parts exposed to moisture, airborne dust and dirt particles, and wide temperature changes. These conditions can deteriorate the components in your HVAC system quicker without proper maintenance.

When your HVAC system is operating at peak performance, it is more energy efficient. This is one of our greatest goals with proper preventive HVAC maintenance — energy savings. HVAC systems often make up more than 50% of building energy costs when operating properly. This number goes up greatly when you neglect your HVAC system.

More comfortable for occupants

When your HVAC system is operating at its peak efficiency, it provides better comfort for the occupants of the building. Conversely, when HVAC systems are neglected efficiency deteriorates and makes it harder to cool or heat properly. Your equipment has to work harder and remain on longer to achieve the comfort zone your occupant’s desire.

Prevent downtime

Keeping your HVAC system well maintained greatly helps you avoid stressful downtimes when occupants are upset. Those times seem to happen at the busiest times of the years for HVAC service companies when response times are inevitably slower. Help avoid that downtime with our comprehensive maintenance programs.

Extend equipment life

Properly maintained equipment lasts longer, it is that simple. Conversely, neglected equipment needs to be replaced sooner. Just like your car, if it is well maintained it will serve you longer. Our preventive maintenance programs help keep your equipment operating efficiently and the longest life possible.

Your HVAC maintenance program

To create the right HVAC maintenance program for your building, it is important to complete a thorough heating, ventilation and air conditioning inventory and analysis. We look at the age and condition of your equipment and analyze its current effectiveness. Then, we work with you to determine your goals for the PM program. We offer preventive maintenance programs that range from basic maintenance annual to more advanced preventive measures.

Call or email Pro Refrigeration, LLC today to create a customized Preventive Maintenance Program for your building.

(512) 387-8311


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Jane Leblanc
Jane Leblanc
15:39 15 Jul 19
This company is amazing! I had problems with my chiller that was causing my frozen yogurt machines to seize. Two previous companies I had called prior did not correctly diagnose and fix the problem. They charged me a lot of money for their ineptness. Pro Refrigeration was able to correctly, efficiently, and professionally fix my chiller. I was willing to paid them a million dollars just to get the machines up and running. My business was sufferring, however; the charge for their services was very fair and extremely reasonable. Please give this company the opportunity to fix problems you might have that are related to their services. You won't be disappointed! Great company!read more
Terri Tessier
Terri Tessier
19:47 21 Jun 19
Any time your AC quits working your initial response is how much is this going to cost me. They showed up on time and didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. I was given my options and they were very reasonable. I will recommend them to all my friends!read more
Barbara Sims
Barbara Sims
18:29 01 Jun 19
Some companies care more for the money than the honor. Prompt and reliable. Well worth the money. I'm telling all my friends and more
Chris Kerr
Chris Kerr
12:30 29 May 19
Honest and experienced service!
Clay Kerr
Clay Kerr
17:54 28 May 19
On time, honest, reasonable. Great company.
William Chalmers
William Chalmers
16:43 27 May 19
Great honest business! As promised in the initial service call request; we received a text letting us know the technician was on his way. Clay repaired our freezer unit quickly which cost us less. Thanks Clay!!!read more
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