How Will Appliance Repair Marketing Get Me More Customers?
When a device breaks and you don’t know who to call to fix it, what do you do? Most people get out their phone and search. When appliance repair marketing is done right, when they do – they find you. You need more than a properly set up website though. To get Google and potential clients to take an interest in you, you need exciting content, perfect reviews and a whole lot more…
Skilled tradesmen on three different continents have already used Local Fame to give their businesses the boost in customers they deserve.

Find out exactly what the problem is with your online presence today. You’d never sugar-coat a problem or the quality of repairs you can achieve. Neither do we.

What Exactly Is SEO and Why Would My Appliance Repair Business Need It?
SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is all the work which needs to be done to get search engines to pay attention to your company online. You’ve probably come across the term SEO a few times already in your appliance repair advertising research. The idea is simple. But the practice can get a little complex…

The goal is to get Google, Bing or whatever search engine someone near you uses to look for an “oven repair company near me” or a “washing machine repairman in your city” to be shown your number as the one they should call. To do this, you need not only a properly optimised website – one which follows all search engines rules for how a website should work – but also to be present in local directories and to have claimed your space on Google Maps, Google My Business and elsewhere too.

Anywhere someone looks online looking to fix an appliance, they need to find you there. That’s what our job is all about.What Will Appliance Repair Advertising Involve?
Do you cover a small local region with an all-appliance repair service? Are you based in a large city, specialising in dryers, washing machines or ovens?

Whatever your company’s size and target audience, you’ll almost always have competitors who offer the same or similar services. So what makes you the best choice for your clients?

Your brand will tell them all they need to know how you work, why they can trust you and why they should give you the call. You may have already spent a lot of time perfecting this. But if you haven’t, we’ll work with you to highlight those things which really make you unique amongst your competitors.Then we make sure that your entire presence online promotes this. Here’s how:

Our Benefits:

Saves you time
so that you can focus on managing your salon
Dedicated account
manager and a single point of contact you can refer to with any request
Monthly reporting
that gives you clarity on the progress of the work
No lengthy contracts,
pay-as-you go subscription model
Experienced service
provider that understands the challenges of the beauty sector

Local SEO/ Local Search Marketing
It’s through local searches – for example where people add the name of the town or area of the city they’re in or use their mobile’s GPS to search – where you’ll be able to grow your client base most effectively. That’s why this is where we focus much of our work. The goal is to get anyone searching locally to find you first.

Paid ads have their place in marketing appliance repair companies like they do with many others. Especially because many people will glance at the top search results and, as it’s an emergency, worry a little less about where the result came from. That said, paid advertising like Google AdWords needs to be targeted carefully. Otherwise, you risk using up a lot of money for not much gain. We ensure you aim your spend well.

PR Services
A little smart Public Relations can get you a long way. Part of promoting your business online is to secure backlinks – other trusted websites who point to your site – and solid PR is part of making this happen. We have good relations with a variety of different media sources, enabling us to build solid backlinks and much more.

Website Design and Build

Your website is both the best signpost for your business and the way which people will immediately judge whether or not to hire you. Things that put many people off include slow loading times, struggling to navigate around a website or not understanding how to quickly and easily book a service which they can trust. We take care of all of that for you. Designing and building appliance repair websites is something we’ve already done for companies on three different continents.

Organic SEO
This is really where it’s at as far as cost-effectiveness, long-term user engagement and trust are concerned. Organic SEO means getting you to the top of Google search results – remember, no one ever really looks beyond the first page – through hard work. In this case, that work means releasing interesting content like blog posts and articles, optimising your website properly and generally showing to your potential clients and Google that you are trusted and that you are active.

Social Media Ads and Management
Social media is becoming a larger and larger source of clients for appliance repair specialists of all kinds. Both social media ads and the ability to promote your content to a local client base is very useful indeed. You just need to keep those clients on board in smart and sensible ways.

Make Your Case to Potential Customers Who Haven’t Made a Decision Yet
The key thing about an online search is that if someone is searching, they haven’t yet found the company they’re looking for. Now’s the time to show them that company is yours.
In your business, no doubt you have specialists in certain brands of appliance or experts who are particularly knowledgeable about certain types of device. On our team, it’s much the same. We’ve got specialists in appliance repair advertising just like we’ve got experts in marketing for any trade or service.

We’ll match you with a small team who’ll help you to:

Empower your online profile, making sure everything is cohesive, neat and properly working, meaning that you…
Get found by more local people who are searching for how to fix broken appliances in your area, so that you…
Fill your daily working schedule and can count on a ready audience online for when you expand, add new services, and more…
This isn’t a rapid spin cycle we’re talking about here. First and foremost, we’ll be claiming and maintaining all those places where it’s vital that your company is seen online. This makes sure that your competitors aren’t getting an unfair advantage or that people aren’t saying things about you online without you being there to either thank them or correct them.

The marketing channels you’ll see us use vary by industry and the region you’re in. If our research shows that we’ll get results through leaflet campaigns as well as local SEO techniques, that’s what we do. Careful planning and investigation of your target audience are appliance specialist marketing 101.